The Parent Diaries

Follow your child’s development from birth to 3 years

The Parent Diaries are a series of easy reading handbooks designed for parents who have questions about their baby’s development.

Read about your child’s development week by week and discover all the new skills your little one will be learning with each development stage, along with many fun educational activities and games to help them hit those all important milestones.

Enjoy your child’s development journey!

Newborn to Baby
0 – 27 Weeks (0 – 6 months)

Enjoy the first steps of your child’s progressions

  • Building new connections using our 5 senses.

  • Understanding the different relationships between objects.

  • and many more exciting new progressions.

Baby to Toddler
27 – 70 Weeks (6 – 16 months)

Enjoy the next 33 weeks of your child’s progressions

  • Where they enter their biggest and longest progression ‘Catagorising’

  • Developing their principles and decision making as well as experimenting with boundaries.

  • and many more exiting new progressions.

Toddler to Child
70+ Weeks (16 months – 3 years)

Enjoy the next steps of your child’s progressions

  • Understanding their family unit and familiar surroundings.

  • Developing their conscience, appreciating values and standards.

  • and many more exciting new progressions.

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